Here at Our Work Hub, we’re more than just a freelancing platform – we’re a socially conscious company working to better the world around us. We wholeheartedly believe that in order to make an impact to the community, we need to have the initiative for change. We have the fortune of running our own business today, which means it’s up to us to give back and provide support to those who really need it.

Food Delivering

Donors need to provide more effective aid. This is particularly important in the food delivering sector

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Aids For Health

aid flows at the activity level based on a standard methodology and agreed definitions is increased.

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The Program


As a successful entrepreneur today, you probably have a long list of people who helped you, believed you, and supported you when you needed it most. However, not everyone has the access to those tools and resources afforded to you. In order to provide them with a chance to succeed, we are looking for platform users who are interested in donating to the development and support of entrepreneurs, creative, and artists in our world. Charity does an incredible amount of good today. When people come together united around a common cause, the generosity is overwhelming. Through our Pay It Forward Program, we’re aiming to build a community of individuals that share our message and involve others in our charitable contributions.