Brand awareness is key in getting the word out and the best way to do that is through interviews! I have a blog meant to help you reach a wider audience with your brand or talent. I feature interviews with authors, artists, performers, entrepreneurs, brands and other creative professionals. I’ll email you questions and post your written replies, along with two links back to your websites and one image of you and/or your brand/product. I will read any material like a press kit you send me that you find would be helpful for me to get to know you. Interviews help build your media presence and credibility!  Affiliate marketers, PR firms and publicists are welcome.

Basic Package – 4$ I will send you 4 questions and post 1 link
Standard Package – 10$ I will post 2 photos and 2 links
Premium Package – 18$ 
i will post 3 links, 3 photos and your social media link will be listed