I am a gifted psychic medium healer. I have 6 years experience in psychic readings. I communicate with Angels and Spiritual guides. I am trilingual and I can provide you a psychic reading in English, French and Spanish. 


My life’s goal is to aid and support people of any background or situation through the gifts I have been blessed with. My age (26 years old) has surprised many as my gifts and life experience far surpass my years.

During a reading, I align my soul and chakra system to you. By connecting my energy to yours, I am able to obtain information through clairvoyanceclairaudience and claircognizance. If needed, I also use tarot cards and pendulum to verify or detail some information. 

Demographics, cultural trends and new technologies are rapidly changing the job market. I am graduated in Master 2 Marketing and Sales and I have business knowledge and skills. My intention to help you the best I can to realize your dreams and live your life to the fullest in your work projects and career. 


1. 1 Psychic question about career – 4$ I will give a detailed answer to your 1 psychic question about your career.


2. 3 Psychic questions about career – 8$ I will give a detailed answer to your 3 psychic questions about your career.


3. 5 Psychic questions about career – 12$ I will give a detailed answer to your 5 psychic questions about your career.