If you’re not using a chatbot on your facebook page, you’re already behind.

47% of consumers would buy items from chatbots.

Much better results than e-mails. That’s why you should include this into your marketing strategy NOW!

Chatbots are the FUTURE of customer service and online selling. 

Chatbot is your new salesman who doesn’t need to sleep. It works for you 24/7.  

I will create a very smart bot for your facebook page. It will speak your language, interact with your customers and help them buy your products.

How specifically can chatbot help you?

  •  for lead generation
  •  for selling your products/services/memberships
  •  for surveys
  •  for qualifying potential customers
  •  for broadcasting messages to all subscribers
  •  and many other services

It will save you money and TIME. Your customers don’t want to wait for a response, your new chatbot will respond INSTANTLY.