To become a Freelancer is a way to work at home and be independent without having to start a business. As a freelancer navigation the world of lowball offers and underbidding competitors, you may find yourself doing a  great deal of work and wishing it added up to more cash in your pocket.

First of all, you need to get real about time to double your income.It seems like a real hassle, It’s beneficial in the long run to spend a bit of time tracking your actual versus estimated time spent working. You will find out a lot about how to spend your time. When you have found distractions or inefficient process, you will spend the time to correct them. You will end up your work process and become more profitable.

The second thing is this you can raise your service rates.You can charge more for what you do. It is difficult to manage your clients when you raise your services rates.If you understand the client requirements thoroughly you can concrete reason for price increasing.Give some additional value at the same time your rate increases.If a client is particularly hesitant once you have explained your new fees, it never hurts to offer them a little something extra, such as a discount for a few months while they think it over.

Another thing is this, Never charge hourly unless it makes sense.

Some things are more project-based, such as web design or advertising. You may find it makes better business sense to charge based on results, not hours worked, in these cases. How results are measured will depend on your particular skill.When you’re determining to price based on results, take into account the amount of work you put in and the time it takes to generate the result.

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