18 FAQs

  • What is Our Work Hub (“OWH”)?

    Our Work Hub is an international freelance marketplace which offers a wide range of services, starting at $4 per Microjob or service. This platform enables the freelancer community to offer their services to everyone globally. This environment promotes sustainability, value, and fairness.

  • How different is Our Work Hub from other freelance sites?

    Our Work Hub has a resolute stance on fostering a culture that addresses the issues overlooked within the freelance industry. We give more emphasis to customer support both for the freelancers and buyers while providing a more progressive opportunity and benefits, in addition to facilitating our charity contributions to feed the homeless via Our Work Hub’s pay-it-forward system.

  • What fees does Our Work Hub charge?

    Our Work Hub charges a 5% processing fee (which covers the payment gateway fees and platform upkeep fee). Our Work Hub is entitled to receive a 10% commission from all transactions.

  • How can I manage the services I offer?

    By signing up, all the details are shown in the user dashboard. This provides the necessary details and easy management of all posted jobs.

  • How do I rate and write a review for a User?

    Upon agreeing to the deliverables in the order, thereafter you will be prompted to place a review on the orders the seller based on the buyer’s experience.the transaction has been completed, there will be prompt to

  • How do I close my account?

    By accessing the ‘Accounts’ tab under the header pane, you will now be required to select the ‘accounts list’ view page, under this view page you should select the desired account you wish to have Our Work Hub remove. By selecting the applicable check box, followed by clicking the ‘Delete’ button, you will be prompted with a dialog box requesting your final confirmation for the removal of the accounts. Click ‘OK’ to proceed.

    You are entitled to query whether an account had been removed from the list; you may click ‘Cancel’ to retain any account information.

  • Why is my account suspended?

    An account shall be subject to suspension without notice, in the event of a breach of Our Work Hub’s terms and conditions. Customer Support will review the subsequent breach or violation in order to determine the appropriate action.

  • How do I earn revenue on Our Work Hub?

    By offering Microjobs to OWH’s buyers, you’ll be empowered with the ability to deliver products and services to a diverse group of domestic and international buyers. Upon the successful completion of each Microjob, you will be credited with 90% of the order sum.

  • What is Our Work Hub’s policy for withdrawals?

    Once the Microjob has been completed(“Order Complete Date”) and has been mutually agreed between you and the buyer; funds will be credited to the seller’s seven (7) days after the Order Complete Date.

  • What all payments method that I can use to obtain my revenues?

    OWH offers to it’s user the option of receiving revenues via the following: Stripe, PayPal, and Direct Deposits(via wire transfer).

  • Do I have to pay taxes on income earned on Our Work Hub?

    Taxes will have to be filed separately by the seller. Our Work Hub can assist by providing the necessary details of the revenue received through the platform.

  • Why was my payment declined?

    This can be due to an issue with the payment provider or that your account has insufficient funds to process the order. Please double check with your payment provider regarding the status.

  • How I deposit money into my OWH account?

    OWH will collect payment upon placing your order for a Microjob.

  • Do I pay my seller directly?

    No, Our Work Hub will be the platform that secures the payments made. This protects the buyer and seller, so that should there be a need to mediate, our support team will be happy to help assist in rectifying it.

  • Does my refund include the processing fee?

    It is fully refunded if the cause is due to a system error. But if the order is canceled, we will have to deduct the processing fee as we need to settle with the payment gateway.

  • Do I own what is delivered to me?

    Yes, this is further stipulated under the Intellectual Property section in OWH’s Terms and Conditions, accessible via ourworkhub.com.

  • What is the dispute process for orders?

    A User can file a ticket at ourworkhub.com/support or email support@ourworkhub.com

  • What can I do to protect myself in case there is a dispute?

    Please submit a ticket or email support@ourworkhub.com