Our Work Hub is a new kind of today’s freelancing platform dedicated to enhancing the freelancing experience for providers and buyers of every digital sphere. Proudly offering a site with no processing fees and lower commission fees, Our Work Hub is outshining the competition as a freelancing platform that actually cares about people today.


It Was All A Dream

What started as a dream in a San Francisco dorm room, after years of careful consideration, academic research, and professional support, is finally Our Work Hub. Founded with a passion for philanthropy in mind, Our Work Hub is more than just an exchange of goods and services between digital players; it’s a community movement to give back and better the world around us.


No Hidden Fees

Many freelancing platforms today will blindside users, slapping fees onto both the provider and the buyer in the transaction. Some platforms will take up to 25% of the cut from providers, and 10% from buyers on that same transaction. It’s undermining the value of the freelancing lifestyle and making it difficult for hard-working people to find their way in the freelance economy. We wanted to do something about that.


With Our Work Hub, there are no hidden or commission fees tacked onto the transaction. If an order is $100, the buyer pays a flat $100, with 15% applied to the seller’s end. However, unlike other platforms, we take that 15% and invest it consciously. A portion of that proceed is allocated to a nonprofit organization in need of financial backing and support.


Our Social Responsibility

We believe that philanthropy is a cornerstone principle of any responsible business today. Without philanthropy, we fail to invest in the people and the talent of our communities that go unnoticed every day. That’s why here at Our Work Hub, we give back to the less fortunate, helping to make their futures a little bit brighter. It’s our responsibility as a conscious platform in our world today.